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Our mission:

To unite all Lithuanian NGOs who are working in developing renewable energy resources and to spread Green energy idea while creating conditions for it to become reality with obvious results.
What is current situation in Lithuania?

Annually Lithuania needs:
  • about 20 TWh of energy for heating (central - district heating for tenement houses and also heating public ownership buildings, private houses, industrial and agricultural buildings);
  • about 10 TWh of energy for electricity this type of energy we import yearly:
  • 2.4 billion m3 natural gas;
  • 150 thousand tons of oil products;
  • More than 6 TWh electricity
For this we annually pay to Russia 4 billion litas
What are realistic renewable energy resources?

  • biofuel (wood and wood residue, straw, energetic willows, peat, other vegetative bulk, sewage sludge) – 2.25 million tons of oil equivalent or about 25 TWh of energy
  • biodegrading industrial and communal waste – 1300 thousand tons or about 3 TWh of energy Wind energy (generative potential) – 5.5 TWh of energy;
  • Sun energy (technical potential) 2.1 TWh of energy;
  • Hydropower energy (water potential) 1 TWh of energy;
  • Biogas (technical potential) 2 TWh of energy;
  • Biofuel potential could generate about 20% ofall fuel used in Lithuania;
All these local energy resources together makes about 40 TWh of Lithuanian annual energetic potential which obviously exceeds our yearly heat and electricity needs.
Members of Lithuanian Confederation of Renewable Resources:
Lithuanian Biomass Energy Association (
Lithuanian Biogas Association (
The Lithuanian Wind Power Association (
Lithuanian Renewable Resources Energy Association
Photovoltaic Technology and Business Association (
Renewable Energy Generators Association (
Associated Members:
Lithuanian Geothermal Association
Lithuanian Hydropower Association
Lithuanian Sun Energetics Association
National Association for Passive House
Lithuanian Biofuel Association
Lithuanian Electric Vehicles Association
The Lithuanian District Heating Association
Lithuanian Association of Water Suppliers
Lithuanian Committee for World Energy Council